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Lara Fabian tour - Ma vie dans la tienne 2016

Light and Set Design: Jvan Morandi

Light Programmer/Tour LD: Joeri Diddens

Sound Engineer FOH: Patrick Demoustier

Monitor Engineer: Igor Dockx

Light/Sound/Video: PRG Belgium

For the second time in a row, Joeri Diddens of SHADOW was asked to go on tour with a Belgium Artist Lara Fabian.

This time for the launch of her new album "Ma vie dans la tienne", the Belgian singer was touring across Europa, Russia, Ukraine.


Placing Shadows was asked to create the lighting and video set-up for these live concerts and came up with this very cool design and was easy for touring.

The concept from this design was to create the effect of video mapping.


The whole concert was programmed on time code so that light and video follow the lyrics flawlessly.


There was for example one song what the singer performed live while her husband was recorded in advance and was shown on the video screens.

We used 1 Chamsys MQ100Pro2014 with wing and 1 back-up MQ100Pro2014 to control this set-up.

The Led Screens where controlled by a Catalyst System with also his back-up server.

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