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European Lotteries Show - The Success Of Chance

Powered by Event Masters

Show Creation by: The Cintamani Stone

Production: Nathalie Troch

Show Director: Steven Martin

Technical Production: Trimex

Acts: Noi Pakon / Ellis Grace /  BeVocal / Les Brigettes / ...

Light Design: Joeri Diddens

Light Programmer/Operator: Joeri Diddens

Laser Programmer/Operator: Tony Van de Kerkhove

Light/Sound: Phlippo Showlights


Video: ADC

Photography: Martimax

On the 26th of May 2019, the 3-day conference "The Success Of Chance" started for the European Lotteries.

This 10th edition of the conference took place in the Flanders Meeting & Convention Center in Antwerp (FMCCA) with a apotheosis at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp.

This location was transformed in a magical place with seated diner for 440 invitees. From a show with spectacular "Swaypole dancers"  and interactive lasers to a aerial acrobatic show and a choreography wiith blindfolded dancers.

The final act brought all of the performers together in the spotlight.

Shadow took care of the lighting design, programmation and operating for this event. The most challenging part of this production was time. We had less than 24hrs to do the Load-in / Show / Load-out.


All of the performances were time coded for lights and laser.

The whole programmation for the acts was done in Shadow's  Virtual Programmation Studio not to lose precious time at the venue.

Due to a perfect collaboration with the Show Director and all the other departments (Light, Laser, Sound, Video and Performers) this became a night to remember. 

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