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La Strada Events - TVH 2019

Light and Set Design: Rik Uyttersprot & Joeri Diddens

CAD Drawing: Mathias Vandenberghe

Light Programmer/Operator: Joeri Diddens

Pandora's Box Programmer: Joeri Diddens

Pandora's Box Operator: Yannick Bogaert

Motion Programmer/Operator: Rik Uyttersprot

Project Manager: Mathias Vandenberghe

Light/Sound/Video: La Strada Events

Consoles/Servers: Shadow

Motion: Gravity

More than 6.700 employees were invited in 2 venues of Kortrijk EXPO with a total of over 13.000m2 for this Golden Jubilee event of TVH.

TVH asked La Strada Events to convert 1 venue into a large Dance Temple with live performances of Niels Destadsbader, Les Truttes, Funky D, ZEM, Robert Abigail and many more. The other venue was converted in a cosy lounge area with Maroccan influences.

The 156-universes Party-Rigg was controlled with 1 Chamsys MQ500 console on a ELC Network, in combination with a Coolux Pandora's Box System for mapping the 3 circles that were equiped with Epix Strips.


All Video was controlled from 3 Coolux Pandora's Box Servers and operated by another Chamsys MQ500 console.

All the motion (Cyberhoist) was controlled by our friends of GRAVITY to give the whole rigg an even more spectacular experience for the audience.

Belgian Band Les Truttes  took over the stage set with their own MA2 console and SHADOW provided a 3rd Chamsys MQ500 console for the Niels Destadsbader show.

It was really a night to remember.

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